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1536 Minnehaha Ave W. St. Paul, MN 55104
7:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

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About Children's Center Montessori

Our half day program is from 9-12 and our full day program is from 9-3 with extended hours are available before 9:00 and after 3:00. We open at 7:30 and close at 5:00 p.m. 


Half Day Tuition: $485/month*. 9-12
Full Day Tuition: $860/month*. 9-3
Extra Hour: Additional $60/month (e.g. 8-12 $505/month*)

*Based on a 9-month payment plan.


ADMISSION PROCEDURES: An application may be initiated at any time during the year. A pre-admission visit to the school will be arranged. A waiting list is maintained for fall or mid-year openings.

Application can be made for children 33 months through 5 years of age. A $30.00 application fee should accompany your child’s application. This fee is in addition to the year’s tuition payments, and is non-refundable. If a space is unavailable, if you so desire, your child’s name will be placed on the waiting list. Children should be toilet trained before their first day of school. Because this may be difficult to predict in advance, please discuss with us what options may be available if your child does not meet this requirement by the desired starting date.The formal enrollment period for fall is in the first months of a calendar year. After applications are received, and pre-admission visits are complete, children will be accepted, usually by April. Those children currently enrolled and siblings will be given first choice of sessions after which new applicants are accepted. We make an effort to accommodate your choice of session, and to respond promptly to children on our waiting list if space becomes available after the initial enrollment period.

 Half-day sessions are from 9:00 to 12:00, The full-day session is 9:00 to 3:00, and extended hours are available before 9:00 and after 3:00. We open at 7:30 and close at 5:00 p.m. An effort is made to achieve a reasonable balance of boys and girls and an even distribution of ages for each of the regular sessions. This will, at times, have an effect on the order of the waiting list. All sessions are Monday through Friday with the exception of holidays and non-school days.

Tuition may be paid monthly, tri-annually or yearly based upon a prearranged schedule. A $100.00 deposit will be required after acceptance. It is to be deducted from your December tuition payment, and should be considered non-refundable. If you find it necessary to change the hours requested during the year, please contact us. Tuition will be adjusted to reflect the change. An hourly charge is made when, on occasion, you find it desirable or necessary for a child to stay beyond the usual time. With the exception of emergencies, please make arrangements in advance to allow for adequate staff planning. Timely tuition payments are greatly appreciated (usually the first of the month).

Group and individual photos will be taken each year, and there may be a fee for a special field trip. However, bus transportation for field trips, entrance fees for special events or fees for special guests, a theater ticket, etc. are usually included in tuition. 

Transportation to and from school is primarily the responsibility of the family. We will provide a roster of enrolled children which may help facilitate the organization of carpools. Notices may be posted at school as well.

The school term generally follows that of the St. Paul Public Schools for opening and closing dates and holidays, but teacher’s meetings/workshops and conferences do not necessarily coincide. A calendar for the full year will be issued in September to allow for advance planning. Families in need of child care for non-school days are welcome to use the bulletin board or the “mail boxes” to make contact with other families who might be of assistance. 

FIELD TRIPS: Trips are taken during the year to coincide with group lessons and special interests of the children. Most are planned for all children, but on rare occasion there may be an event more appropriate for smaller groups. It is usually necessary for half-day children to exchange sessions to participate. Posted notices and newsletters will provide details in advance of the event. A school bus is our usual mode of transportation, but we might on occasion request drivers for small groups. Written permission is required for participation in all formal field trips. A general permission form for the year is required for informal or spontaneous activities such as nature walks and walking to the playground. 

 A health care summary and record of immunizations are required before the first day of attendance, and again after 18 months or before the entrance to Kindergarten. A form will be supplied to be completed by your child’s physician or medical source. Health and dental record will be reviewed by our school nurse. Ear and eye screening will be done by our nurse during the Kindergarten year. Please report within 24 hours any contagious or reportable illness so that we are able to inform other families. A list of reportable illnesses is in our Parent Policy Book. We appreciate a phone call when your child will not be attending for any reason, even if it is not a serious illness. 

INSURANCE COVERAGE OF CHILDREN: The school maintains general liability coverage of $2,000,000 and non-owned auto coverage of $1,000,000. Health and accident insurance must be provided under your family policy

LUNCH AND SNACKS: Juice or milk and a snack will be served to the children during the mid-morning and the mid-afternoon, and again in the late afternoon as needed. Children attending for a full-day should bring a bag lunch; milk is provided. Occasionally we have lunch outdoors in the spring and fall, when weather permits.

CONFERENCES: Admission procedures include a pre-admission conference and classroom observation. Formal conferences are held in November and March, but a conference may be requested at any time. Minimally, a written record of your child’s progress, including intellectual, physical, social and emotional growth, will be completed semi-annually to coincide with conference dates. This information is confidential. If you would like to talk with any staff member concerning your child, the most convenient time is before of after the school day. You are welcome to leave a note with us or to call outside of school hours.